Recent prototypes for Open Education / Open Educational Resources

In the last months I started several small prototype projects for OER and Open Education with open web technology. The prototyping method helped me very much, because most of the times I got a better sense about certain approaches while I was building the prototype products. The sketches always sound cool and useful beforehand, but while developing I got much better insights about practicability, reusability, potentials, drawbacks, etc. My educated guess would be that many publicly funded projects tend to fail as well, because they still work on a sketch/planning-focused approach rather than actually making and experimenting with prototype products (yes, agile would be an option, but most public institutions aren’t ready for that yet and suffer from a lack of developers). Therefore my main goal was to develop small-scale and easy-to-reuse approaches, which can be used in different countries and regions for a better sharing and better accessibility of educational materials.

In this blogpost I will provide a quick overview about the things I tried out, most of the stuff is quick & dirty.

🔎 I’m currently looking for a part-time-job as web developer in a structured and friendly team (junior position, preferred workplace Vienna + frontend if possible), main interests: sustainability, modern mobility, education/edtech. 👉 Contact

ℹ️ For more professional projects please check out, TIB OER @ GitLab,, digicampus, x5gon, Skohub as well as Steffen Rörtgens work.


Source code and video documentation:
Technologies: PHP web crawler for sitemap.xml (Codeigniter, Curl), reactive-search for elasticsearch instance
Idea: Use the old idea of crawling web pages (via sitemap.xml) for OER instead of OAI-PMH/API-foo, see Google Search Console / indexing for real-world-example

OpenEducationTagger (GDrive spreadsheet => elastic)

Source code:
Idea: Collect OER URLs and metadata in multiple GDrive spreadsheets, sync to elasticsearch instances for better search functions/nicer layout
Technology: GitLab pages CI, HTML5, reactive-search, GDrive JSON

Simple Open Metadata Storage for Open Educational Resources

Source code:
Technologies: Static site generator (middleman/ruby), GitLab Pages CI
Idea: Store metadata for OER URLs in json, generate static HTML pages which Google (and other search engines) can crawl with correct machine readable license and metadata

OER@ourInstitution: Plugin for wordpress with OER metadata ( via [not finished]

Technologies: WordPress,
Idea: Add metadata for OERs in custom fields (via framework), generate machine readable and a.rel=license info in <head>, display license information below posts, attach media attachments only to one post to avoid image/media chaos, provide simple way for OER publishing for institiutions with nice themes instead boring repository websites

Idea presentation: TOSI-OER


Idea: OER profiles (a la ResearchGate/SpeakerDeck) with static site generators

Idea: Let OER creators display their OER on a profile page (e.g. ResearchGate/SpeakerDeck profiles), no user management, just add it via markdown files and Pull Request with Gitlab/Github (i know, quite complex ;-))

OERhörnchen browser plugins (2019)

Idea: Easy way to filter for creative commons licenses, e.g. on Google Images while surfing it

OERhörnchen URLcheck (2019)

Source code:
Idea: Provide easy way to check if license information in HTML was setup correctly

OERhörnchen Bildungsteiler (2018)

Source code:
Idea: Provide alternative to creative commons license chooser, especially designed for OER (and without NC and ND license ;-))
2DO: add metadata

OERhörnchen Search (2017)

Source code:
Technologies: Kirby CMS 2, HTML5, jQuery, simple URL parameter „trick“ for Google to use machine readable license filtering

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