Pull a WordPress site into DDEV (2022 edition)

New year, new DDEV scripts. The maintainers of DDEV released in DDEV 1.18.2 great improvements regarding the ‚ddev pull‘ feature. You can now overwrite and customize all import steps in a nice and clean way. The best thing about it is, that you can share these providers scripts in the project repository for all team members (.ddev/providers/). Given the new features of ddev pull, I transformed my existing script approaches:

I also integrated these scripts in an interactive generator:

🎥 Demo video for „ddev pull ssh“ with the interactive generator:

Hope this will be valuable for your WordPress workflows! Please use it with caution, everything is work in progress.

If you want to connect with other DDEV users, join the DDEV discord and checkout awesome-ddev.

Btw: If you just want to create a new WordPress instance quickly on your local computer, check out the new DDEV WP-CLI quickstart-docs. DDEV has built-in support for WP-CLI, therefore it is very easy to automate WordPress dev tasks – demo video:

Stay safe & healthy (& fight the climate emergency).

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