Online-Communities regarding Sustainable Web Design?

I did a quick research today because I want to connect more with fellow devs regarding Sustainable Web Design topics. Here are the communities and channels I found.

Do you know another community, online meetup, mailing list, twitch channel, podcast or something else with an active community? Please let me know in the comments, on twitter or drop me an email! Thanks very much!

English communities:

German communities, not very specific to web dev:

Personally I missed an active and very specific community regarding web site development and hosting / deployment strategies.

Update: Phil Sturgeon wrote an extensive article about how to generally get started regarding tech & climate action

đź’ˇ Btw: Would be also cool if the footer section „Join the conversation“ of the awesome landing page could link to communities as well.

Screenshot, "Join the conversation" section linking to twitter and hashtag #SustainableWebDesign

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